Stay Fashionable During Britain’s Heatwaves This Summer

Stay Fashionable During Britain’s Heatwaves This Summer

Britain might not be known for its consistently sunny summers, but it does enjoy a handful of heatwaves every year that leave most of us, unused to soaring temperatures, extremely hot and bothered.

Not only are our homes, transport services, offices, and public buildings not particularly well-equipped to cope with sky-high temperatures, but many Brits are left at a loss when it comes to knowing what to wear to stay cool, but fashionable. 


Loose and light

The key words when picking out clothes on those days the mercury has exceeded 30C are loose and light. Avoid anything that will cling to your body, as this will make you sweat, swell and feel ever so uncomfortable. 

Loose-fitting items made out of lighter materials, such as maxi dresses and A-line skirts, are ideal, which is great as they are bang on trend this summer. 

Woman and Home advises: “You should also look for more relaxed shapes, looser fitting clothing will be airier and will help keep you cool, allowing any breeze to get to your skin.”


Avoid dark colours

Some people feel safe wearing their little black dress or black top and shorts. However, black clothes absorb the heat, leaving you feeling even hotter after a while. 

That is why it is a good idea to avoid dark colours and opt for lighter ones instead. 

However, be aware that sweat marks show up more on lighter shades, such as pastel blues and light greys. A white broderie dress, red gypsy shirt, or bright green tank top could be better options. 


Natural materials

Make sure you choose clothes that are made from natural materials, as these will be more breathable than synthetic fabrics. 

Linen and cotton are your best bet for trousers, dresses, skirts and tops, but it is always a good idea to double check the label in case polyester has been used, as this will make the outfits clingy and sweaty. 

Another natural material that can be worn even on the hottest of days is cashmere. 

Although most people cherish their cashmere jumpers for winter weather, they also work well in the summer months. This is because they have breathable fibres, which allows heat to escape from the body to the outside air. 

The hygroscopic material means it is able to keep wearers warm in winter and cool in summer, so it is an ideal choice when you want something to slip on in the evening. 

What you should definitely avoid are heavy fabrics such as denim, even when it comes to jean shorts, as they only make you feel warmer and more uncomfortable. 

As Refinery 29 puts it: “The tight waistband and thick fabric cladding your waist and legs will feel like you’ve wrapped yourself in a heated blanket.”


Open-toe shoes

Nobody likes sweaty feet, so ditch the white trainers - no matter how fashionable they are right now - and opt for open-toe shoes instead. 

“Similarly with clothing, material still plays a role here, with natural cork and leather much better at regulating body temperature than vinyl or plastic designs, which can actually contribute to sweat build-up,” the publication recommends.