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Can Harper Seven Be The Next Cashmere Fashion Queen?

The sight of Princess Charlotte in cashmere jumpers has been noted in our blogs more than once, suggesting the future Princess Royal could become a major fashion icon in the years ahead as she makes the transition from childhood to adulthood amid the inevitable public glare.

However, she might just have a bit of competition for the role of top young female fashion icon in the form of another well-known young lady who likes to wear cashmere, Harper Seven Beckham.

She may not have the advantage of being an actual royal, but her family is the next best thing, with her parents being footballing and musical royalty respectively.  If some royals grudgingly accept the sometimes intrusive media attention that is a part of their lives, the Beckhams have always embraced it.

As a result, Harper will always be close to the public attention. If she is spotted walking down the street wearing cashmere jumpers in London, it will be noticed by more than just whoever passes her on the pavement.

Harper’s latest appearance in a cashmere jumper was not in London, however, but posing for a photo by a lake with brothers Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz. The image, released via social media by her mother, soon gained the attention of Hello! Magazine.

The publication suggested that the 11-year-old has a very clear future ahead of her as an ‘it’ girl, which is hardly idle speculation.

In a family headed by a Dad who pushed fashion boundaries by wearing sarongs in public and boxer briefs on the catwalk (apart from in an Only Fools and Horses sketch for Comic Relief) and a mother whose career as a fashion designer has far outlasted her previous one in music, it is only to be expected that Harper will always be dressed to impress.

Hello! described the youngster as her mother’s “mini-me” and said it is “no surprise Harper is turning into a mini style muse”.

It added: “The trendy tween has already had her fair share of front-row invitations at fashion week shows and has even brushed shoulders with Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour at New York Fashion Week”. Her “fashionista status” will only grow in the years ahead, the magazine predicted.

Needless to say, the cashmere jumper Harper wore was listed as being at the top of the price range, setting back her parents £1,265. That is small change to them, just as something equally fancy might be for Princess Charlotte’s parents. But by highlighting the attraction of cashmere, many will see to emulate both of them with more affordable outfits.

Of course, not every famous person who wears cashmere will spend the coming years helping to promote it; this week saw Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes arrive at a Texan prison to start an 11-year sentence for fraud while wearing a cashmere jumper. She won’t be doing that again for a while.

Perhaps Ms Holmes was making the most of her last chance to wear cashmere for a very long time. After all, by the time she gets out of jail, the next one she puts on may be a woman’s jumper sported by Harper Seven or Princess Charlotte.

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