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Met Office Warns British To Wrap Up Warm Till Mid-August

Despite it being the middle of summer, we have been warned to wrap up warm until mid-August as the sun and heat will be steering clear for the next few weeks. 

This is the perfect time to have your pure cashmere cardigan nearby as the temperature has been hovering around the late-teens and low-20s recently, with plenty of showers making it feel even cooler. 

If you were hopeful the heat will be making a reappearance soon, you will be disappointed to hear it won’t be returning till the middle of August, despite the unprecedented heatwave in Europe.

Meteorologist Simon Partridge from the Met Office told Sky News the weather will remain changeable for the next couple of weeks. 

“There is a signal for things turning drier and warmer but not until mid-August,” he stated.

This comes as southern Europe has experienced record-breaking temperatures recently, with temperatures expected to reach as high as 48.8C in Sardinia and Sicily, the European Space Agency has predicted. 

Temperatures have soared past 40C in Spain, France, Greece, and Croatia, as well as Italy, and “extreme” health risk warnings have been issued. 

Many tourists have collapsed due to heat stroke, and a construction worker in the Italian city of Lodi has died. 

Mr Partridge reassured the British public the UK is unlikely to see temperatures soar, as the high pressure is “just sitting there, keeping that warmth growing”.

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