What Are The Best Clothing Pieces For Resort Wear Fashion?

What Are The Best Clothing Pieces For Resort Wear Fashion?

Many Brits will be heading abroad this summer to soak up the sunshine, recline on a beach and enjoy a relaxing break. Being on holiday is also a great opportunity to look your best and boost your fashion credentials. 

Here are some of the best items to bring to a resort break this year. 



As much as 42 per cent of us will be going overseas this year, with many of these breaks destined to be beach or pool-side. 

Therefore, one item of clothing that is a must is a sarong. These can be easily wrapped around your waist to cover you up on the way to and from the sun lounger so you can maintain your modesty. 

They also look great strolling around the resort, or even as a scarf in the evening. 

Nothing beats a printed pashmina shawl, as this can double up as a sarong and a scarf. They also come in a huge variety of colours and designs, and are able to keep you warm when the temperature drops in the evening. 


Wide-leg trousers

Forget skinny jeans, this summer’s look is all about wide-leg trousers. 

As they are loose, they are far more comfortable to walk around in, particularly if you are sightseeing for many hours on end. 

Opt for a high-waisted cut, as this is incredibly flattering and will suit another must-have this season, a belly top. 


Midi dress

Instead of mini or maxi dresses, this season is all about the midi. 

Falling below the knee, they have a reputation for making calves look thick. However, the trick is to get a dress that is slightly longer than this, so it doesn’t cut your silhouette at the wrong place. 

According to Petite Dressing: “When you make a minor adjustment to just above or below the widest part, it instantly slims and lengthens your length - a petite woman’s dream!”

You could also team it with a belt to cinch in the waist, find a dress with a slit, opt for an uneven hem, choose small prints, pair it with heels, and pick one with a form-fitting top.


Black swimsuits

Many women are self-conscious about wearing bikinis in public, which is why the black swimsuit has long been a firm favourite. 

Firstly, they are very flattering, hiding bulges and bumps you’d rather people didn’t see. 

They also suit every skin tone, age and season, so everyone can wear them at any time of the year. 

These timeless pieces should feature in every summer suitcase, doubling up as fitted tops when teamed with a sarong or wide-leg pants.  


Bucket bags

We’ve all heard of bucket hats, but this year bucket bags are all the rage. These are handbags that look just like - you guessed it - a bucket. 

They can have either a long or short strap, and are typically in natural materials, such as raffia or woven straw. 

Bucket bags are great for keeping personal possessions safe on the beach, as well as looking stylish when dressed up for the evening.