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Is This The Right Time For A Light Pashmina Purchase?

The last couple of months has been anything but the time for wearing a scarf of any description. The days have been very hot, with the Met Office recording the average temperature for the UK as being the hottest June on record, a full 0.9 degrees C above that of 1940.

While the threat from the skies may not be as immediate as it was 83 years ago, this is clearly a matter of concern, although it remains to be seen just how warm the rest of summer is. In a normal summer - which so far this is not - July and August can be the hottest months.

Amid the uncertainty over the climate, however, one thing is inevitable, which is that the days getting shorter. This change is very slow at first and gradually accelerates, reaching its fastest pace of change at the autumnal equinox in September before slowing down as the winter solstice approaches.

What this means is as the nights start to draw in, the evenings will be a little less warm even if the days are hot. Those teatime barbecues, the nights out sitting in a beer garden, the moment you step outside after a night at the cinema, theatre or just visiting friends will all be somewhat cooler experiences even before summer is out.

That is where a lightweight pashmina will come into its own. It’s not going to suddenly start feeling very cold, unless the weather is wet and windy, in which case a raincoat is what you need. That means you won’t be requiring a thick cashmere clothing item like a cardigan, but a lighter one to add just that bit more warmth and insulation will be ideal.

If you have it with you on a night out, this will add something attractive and stylish that can go well with the rest of your outfit, meaning you can be warmer and more comfortable without compromising on your dress sense.

These twin benefits of style and comfort can go on being useful as late summer morphs into autumn, when the weather in September is still capable of providing some warm days (averaging 20 degrees C in places like London and Southampton), but the nights get gradually cooler and arrive earlier.

Of course, as autumn rolls on and winter approaches you will soon be able to switch to more substantial cashmere items like cardigans and skirts, keeping up the style while also ensuring you stay warm and snug. Even then, however, the lightweight pashmina can still make some appearances, often in indoor settings where it is still not all that warm.

For all the heat of the early summer, Britain still has a capricious climate and even the warmest months can bring unpleasant weather. But with a stylish yet light pashmina, you have the flexibility to add something extra very easily whenever the temperature drops a little.

It will only get handier for this purpose as the Earth gradually tilts back towards an even axis between now and September.

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