White Is Summer’s Hottest Fashion Trend - How To Wear It

White Is Summer’s Hottest Fashion Trend - How To Wear It

White and summer fashion seem to go hand in hand, with the colour looking amazing on golden tans and exuding a fresh, clean look that is synonymous with the season. 

If you’re a big fan of white outfits, you’ll be glad to hear they are going to be all the huge this summer, so be prepared to ditch colour for this classic staple instead. 

Celebrity stylish Angie Smith has even spoken to Hello! magazine about her love for white fashion, saying the colour looks modern, flattering, and timeless. 


All white outfits

While many of us have a white dress or top in our wardrobes, it is time to go all out with the white look. 

Ms Smith recommends creating a white trouser and T-shirt combination, pairing the two for a chic, contemporary look. 

To break up the outfit, you could team them with a pair of black clogs or an over-the-shoulder bum bag. This is a big trend, and the black will contrast well with a stark white top. 


White dresses

There’s something very innocent and angelic about floor-length white dresses, which is why they will be one of the most popular purchases this summer. 

You could opt for a spaghetti strapped dress with a cinched in waist for a flattering look, while a pretty broderie dress in white will make you feel girly and playful. 

Team this with another natural shade, tan. Camel-coloured handbags or sandals work really well with white dresses, as well as help complement a glowing tan. 


White jumper

Let’s face it, summer in the UK is not always hot. Even those hot days have cooler periods, so it is essential to get yourself some jumpers or cardigans that suit your summer style. 

A white cashmere jumper is a classic garment that will look great year in, year out. The crisp colour and softness of the fabric makes it suit the innocence of an all-white outfit. 

At the same time, cashmere jumpers are designed to keep you cool during hotter days, as its material is breathable. 

If you don’t have a jumper, make sure you are able to keep warm on a chilly evening with a white cashmere scarf instead.


White blazers

It’s a bold look but white blazers are back this summer. Wear your double-breasted jacket to the office, at the bar or on a night out. 

You could really bring it to life by wearing a pair of luminous pink shoes, letting your footwear do all the talking. 


White tie-up tops

Another garment that will become popular this summer is white tie-up tops, with ladies everywhere keen to show off their midriff tan in this flattering colour. 

The best way to wear these is with a pair of cargo pants, which are now back in fashion, or high-waisted tailored trousers to flatter your stomach. 

As an article in Who What Wear says: “This colour may often seem dull, but that’s just because you haven’t found a fun way to wear it.”