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How To Take Care Of Your Cashmere Clothing | TCG London

Over the winter and through the chilly part of spring, cashmere clothing is a lightweight, soft way to keep warm and comfortable without the bulk and potential for overheating seen with other winter warmers such as wool and artificial fibres.

Combed from the coats of cashmere goats, the cashmere fibres used to make a wide range of garments have a range of unique qualities, and because of this, they require a more personal touch than other types of fabric to ensure they remain at their best for years to come.

With that in mind, here are some of our top tips for taking care of your cashmere as best as possible.


Only Wash It When You Need To

Cashmere does not need to be washed as often as other types of fabric, as its inherent breathability means that it keeps feeling fresh and comfortable time after time. This is especially true when worn over other pieces of clothing.

Because of this, cashmere should only be washed when there are spills, stains or scuffs, but otherwise, it can be left hung up and will be perfect for the next time you need it.


Do Not Put It In A Machine

There are several types of garments that you should never put in a washing machine irrespective of the setting, heat or any other aspect, but cashmere more than any other material should never be machine washed.

The reason for this is that cashmere is very robust when it is dry, but when wet the fibres are far more susceptible to stretching, disfiguring, pilling or even tearing depending on the vigour of the machine.

Instead, hand wash your cashmere with cold water, use only limited amounts of detergent if you need to remove stains, and consider dry cleaning if your cashmere garment has a pattern, multiple colours or extra attachments such as zips or buttons.


Soften Your Skin, Avoid Fabric Softener

Cashmere does not need to be artificially softened, and doing so can ensure that it does not last very long without falling apart.

Over time, the fabric will soften by itself and make your older cashmere clothes feel even better over time.

Instead, consider softening your own skin with moisturisers, lotions, creams and regular shaving, as this will avoid rapid pilling of fibres from the inside, particularly for people who wear a shoulder satchel or handbag that can rub against it.


Air Dry, Do Not Tumble Dry

For similar reasons to why you should never wash your cashmere in a machine, you should avoid drying it in a machine too. Air drying is by far the best way to dry your cashmere whilst preserving the fibres.

A way to speed it up is to use the towel trick, where you gently wrap it in a towel and press softly to absorb the water, helping to speed up what can be a fairly slow and laborious drying process.

As noted above, however, you do not need to wash cashmere items as often as other garments so this is offset somewhat over time.

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