Great Reasons For Making Cashmere Your Romantic Valentine’s Gift

Great Reasons For Making Cashmere Your Romantic Valentine’s Gift

With Christmas now behind us, the main present-buying time of the year is over. For the remainder of the time, much will depend on when birthdays fall, although of course for the unfortunate few these coincide with the festive season.

However, there are some dates that particularly stand out for gift giving, one of which is not too far Off - St Valentine’s Day.

A quick Google search of the words Valentine’s and Cashmere will show there are plenty of ideas out there linking the two, showing that if you decide your loved one will appreciate the love gift of cashmere knitwear, gloves or a jumper, you will be in very good company. Indeed, there are a number of very good specific reasons to consider Cashmere for your Valentine.


It can be for him or her

There are many gifts that are obviously gendered: flowers and ladies’ beauty products for her, shaving kits and aftershave for him, for instance. But there are also some things that can be for both and cashmere definitely falls into that category. Who knows, maybe you’ll both get the same idea!


It is still winter

February may be the last winter month, with the days starting to get noticeably longer, the first hints of spring in the air and even a few optimistic blooms, but it is still a month that can see lots of cold weather and snow. A warm cashmere garment will be very welcome in such circumstances. 


It is the gift that keeps on giving

Within a few weeks of Valentine’s Day, spring will indeed arrive, but there will be plenty enough chilly days right through the season. While summer may not be an ideal time for wearing cashmere, that lovely gift given in February will soon be emerging from the wardrobe again in October. That means you will have a great reminder of the romance in the gesture of buying it to start with.


It will be there long after others have gone

Roses are nice, but unless they are eternity roses they will soon wilt. Chocolates will be eaten and any cosmetic products will get used up before long. However, if it is looked after well, a cashmere garment will stay in great shape and provide lots of use for years to come.


You cannot beat quality

Cashmere is no ordinary wool. Its special qualities mean it can be just as warm as a sheep’s wool garment with less weight, due to the finer fibres of the Kashmir goats. This sheer quality is what makes cashmere among the most sought after and luxurious of clothing materials. All that means it is bound to be appreciated by a discerning gift recipient. 

All these are great reasons to make cashmere the number one item on your Valentine’s shopping list. Moreover, if you are from Wales you might want to apply these to St Dwynen’s Day, the Welsh equivalent, which takes place on January 25th

Whenever you buy it, however, you will find a cashmere garment is a loving gift that will be cherished and enjoyed for years to come.