How To Safely Dry Cashmere Clothes So They Keep Their Shape

How To Safely Dry Cashmere Clothes So They Keep Their Shape

When people buy their first pure cashmere poncho, cardigan or sweater, they are mainly worried about how they should wash the piece of clothing so it does not lose its shape or damage the fabric. 

However, something else worth considering is how to dry the item, so it lasts as long as possible. 

Here are some tips on taking care of your cashmere clothes, especially when the temperature begins to drop.


Do not tumble dry

If you forget all the other tips on how to dry cashmere garments, remember this - do not put it in the tumble dryer.

Doing this could damage the fabric and even cause it to shrink. Therefore, when you come to putting on your favourite sweater, you may find it no longer fits. 


Lay it out on a towel

Instead, it is advisable to lay it out on a towel when it has been washed, before gently rolling it up and pressing lightly to remove excess water. Do not wring out the water, as fibres are more prone to damage when they are wet. 

Then unroll the towel and manipulate the piece of clothing until it forms its natural shape again. 

After this, lay it out on another dry towel. 


Air dry naturally

Now simply leave it to air dry on the towel, keeping it away from direct sunlight or heated appliances, such as radiators or electric clothes racks. 

Do not be tempted to put it on the clothesline, as pinning it up can alter the shape of the clothing, while the heat of the sun could shrink the garment. 


Can you iron cashmere?

It is best not to use a hot iron directly on cashmere, as this can crush the natural pile of the wool.

Instead, try steaming it with a steam iron without pressing down on the clothing. 

Alternatively, you can put your iron on the lowest setting, turn the garment inside out, and use a cloth between the fabric and the iron to protect the wool.