How To Wear Your Cashmere Scarf With Style In Every Season

How To Wear Your Cashmere Scarf With Style In Every Season

The summer has made a late comeback in September, after a rather disappointing July and August. In these rather unpredictable times, who knows whether we are set for a mild run up to November or if we will need to dig out our knitwear. However, one fashion accessory that can take you through every season is the lightweight pashmina scarf.

High-end pashminas are made from the highest quality cashmere, which is a luxury wool made from the softest and finest goat hairs. Some pashminas are blended with silk, which gives them a unique lightweight quality. 

This  breathable fabric will keep you warm on the coldest winter days, and will help to keep you cool and protected from harsh sunlight in warmer weather. Therefore a stylish pashmina shawl is an incredibly versatile accessory that you will wear time and again whatever the weather. Here are some simple ways that this timeless fashion item can complete your outfit. 

Make a statement with bright colours

If you tend towards black or grey as the base colour for most of your outfits, then a scarf is the ideal way to add a pop of colour to your style without committing yourself to wearing it all day. 

For example, you can easily remove the scarf if you need a more neutral look for a business meeting, and pop it on to add some individuality and flair to your outfit for a more informal event, or just to add an extra layer of warmth when you nip out for a coffee or lunch break. 

Play around with pattern

Pashmina wraps are available in a range of beautiful patterns and prints that can add interest to any outfit. If you normally avoid buying patterned tops, dresses, or trousers, a patterned shawl is the perfect way to add a touch of personality to your look without taking you too far outside of your comfort zone. 

On the other hand, if you usually dress in bright colours or eye-catching patterns, a plain neutral scarf can provide some contrast and break up your outfit.

Mix and match textures

The wonderful light texture of a pashmina is shown off beautifully when contrasted with a tougher material such as a leather or denim jacket. This can help to soften up your outfit for a very on-trend look.

How to wear your scarf

The scarf can simply be folded in half lengthwise and draped over your shoulders for a classic look. On chillier days, you may wish to fold the scarf lengthways, two or three times over, and double it up widthways. Then take the looped end in one hand and the loose ends in the other and place it around your neck, tucking the loose ends through the loop. 

For a casual look, simply drape the scarf over your shoulders and tie in a loose knot.