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4 Fun Ways To Wear Your Cashmere With Style This Christmas

Cashmere is a luxurious yet cosy fabric that lends itself perfectly to the social and recreational occasions of the Christmas season. Here are a few fun styling suggestions to show off your fine knitwear and always be warm and well dressed wherever you go.

Laid back pub brunch

At some point over the season, you are likely to find yourself having a pub brunch date with family or friends. This calls for a smart yet casual look that will be warm enough for a brisk post-lunch walk. However, pubs with roaring fires can be hot and stuffy at this time of year, so think about dressing in light removable layers.

A cashmere shawl with fur trim is an excellent choice, because it is effortlessly warm and stylish when arranged around the shoulders, yet lightweight and easy to remove should you begin to overheat once you are installed indoors. Team it with some on-trend wide leg trousers or a denim maxi skirt and a pair of ankle boots or trainers.

Post-Christmas lunch walk in the park 

It is a long-standing tradition to take a refreshing post-lunch stroll after Christmas dinner. This calls for warm layers in breathable fabrics that can be easily added to your lunch outfit. A poncho may be a great solution if you want to wear something a little more fun and glamorous than your regular quilted jacket.

A poncho is similar to a wrap or shawl, but it has a hole or slot for you to put your head through. This means that it will easily stay in place on the walk without the need for a fastener or broach. Choose a fine quality fabric that will drape elegantly and not spoil the line of a dress or skirt, and team it with knee high boots. 

Boxing day visiting

Boxing day is a traditional time to pay dutiful visits to family and friends and exchange the greetings of the season. For the ultimate balance of style and comfort, team a cashmere jumper with tailored trousers or a skirt. Choose a rich festive colour such as ruby red or forest green.

New Year’s Eve celebrations

On New Year’s Eve you may be in need of an outfit that is warm enough to wear for the traditional midnight firework celebrations, yet won’t be too hot to wear for dancing the rest of the night away. Yet again, a trusty wrap or shawl is your friend, as it can be easily worn over a dress without taking away from your style. Alternatively, take a soft knit cardigan to slip on over your outfit for an extra layer of warmth, that can easily be removed once it’s time to hit the dancefloor.

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