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Things To Do and What to Wear For A Weekend In Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, is an elegant blend of Georgian and Neoclassical architecture set in a stunning location between the sea and mountains. It’s a favourite tourist destination at any time of year, and is particularly beautiful during the festive season. 

If you are lucky enough to be visiting, no doubt you will want to combine Christmas shopping with sightseeing and a few seasonal treats. Here’s a look at where to go and what to do on a trip to Edinburgh.  

Visit the castle

No trip would be complete without exploring the magnificent Edinburgh Castle. It occupies an elevated position on Castle Rock so wrap up warm as it can be chilly at this time of year. 

Dress down in jeans and take a stylish printed pashmina shawl to add a touch of interest to your outfit. This lightweight item can be easily removed once you are inside the castle.

Stroll up Arthur’s Seat 

Stretch your legs and take a walk up Arthur’s Seat located in Holyrood Park. It’s a dormant volcano with an elevation of 251 m above sea level, so there’s splendid views all around. On a clear day this is a chance not to be missed. A tartan scarf is the perfect accessory to ward off the chill and look the part. 

Take in the Royal Mile

The elegant Royal Mile is the historical heart of Edinburgh, where you will find a fine selection of shops and tearooms.

If you want to top up on winter accessories such as hats, scarves, and gloves, now is your perfect opportunity to do so. Scotland is noted for the high quality of its cashmere products, so it’s worth investing in a few choice items for luxury gifts or just as a special treat for yourself at one of the many specialist boutiques. 

The climate and geography of Scotland, with its high mountain regions, cold winters and pure water all contribute to the premium quality of the cashmere it produces. This is because the fibres are obtained from certain breeds of goat that have evolved to endure the harsh climates of Inner Mongolia, which has some similarities to the Scottish climate.

In winter, the goats develop an undercoat of extremely fine soft insulating hairs that trap warmth, with a thick water resistant layer on top. In the springtime, the fine undercoat is harvested to make cashmere garments. The delicate nature of these fibres means that they are easily damaged by water with a high mineral or chemical content during processing.

However, Scotland has some of the cleanest water supplies in the world, and this contributes to the high standard of the cashmere industry. Look for products that are labelled ‘Made in Scotland’ and that are 100% cashmere rather than blended with inferior quality fibres.

Drop into a pub for a dram of whisky

Finally, why not mark the season by enjoying another of Scotland’s finest products, whisky. Edinburgh boasts many fine pubs that offer a wee dram blended at some of the world’s most well regarded distilleries.

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