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Style in a Cold Climate: What To Wear For A Winter Walk

The cold and crisp days of winter are here, and it’s time to embrace the bracing beauty of the great outdoors. It may be chilly, but as the great Alfred Wainwright said: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” The key to enjoying a walk in the Great British climate is to wrap up well. 

This doesn’t mean that we have forgo looking stylish or being comfortable however. Here are some top tips to dressing to perfection for a walk through the cold and frosty landscapes, whether you are hiking up hill and down dale, or taking a stroll in the local park. 

Breathable layers

The key to dressing well for the great outdoors is to wear breathable layers. Choose fabrics that are lightweight and yet insulating to trap warmth, such as a thermal vest and a pure cashmere jumper. This fabric is obtained from the fine undercoats of Mongolian goats, who have extremely fine hollow hairs that trap air and keep them warm in harsh winter conditions. 

The fleeces are harvested in the spring when the goats naturally begin to shed, and the longest and finest hairs are sold to make high quality garments and accessories. They are sought after because of their beautiful lustrous appearance, softness next to the skin, and warm yet light and breathable qualities. The perfect item for a stylish winter wardrobe.


There’s nothing worse than a chilly neck that is exposed to the wind and cold, so wrap up warm with a scarf or a neck gaiter, or even a snood. You may prefer to choose the versatility of a shawl that you can drape over your shoulders or double up for extra warmth.

A hat

A cosy hat is a must-have, such as a stylish beanie or beret. For an extra dash of style, choose a colour that coordinates with your neckwear and gloves.

A coat

A coat or at least a padded gilet is an obvious necessity in winter time. Look for a quilted jacket that is light and breathable, and has water resistant properties. If the weather is very wet, you will need something more substantial such as a waxed jacket. 

Waterproof boots

Even if the weather is not wet, you are guaranteed to encounter some boggy ground on a winter walk, so a pair of sturdy winter boots is a must-have. Look for thick soles with a decent grip and full waterproofing for splashing through puddles. 

If you decide to invest in new boots, break them in before embarking on a long walk so that you do not end up with crippling blisters. 


A warm pair of gloves is essential to keep your body temperature stable on a cold day. Look for a cosy insulating fabric that will be soft against your skin.

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