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Why Is Cashmere Perfect For Christmas Scarves?

The Christmas period is an era that celebrates the timeless. It is about commemorating and cherishing the people and traditions closest to us and eschewing the ephemeral in favour of the eternal.

This is one of the many reasons why people wear cashmere scarves during the Christmas period, often with distinct festive designs and colours such as burgundy and emerald to provide a bright, celebratory look during a season with the shortest days and longest nights.

Whilst some wear thick woollen scarves during the winter, cashmere is superior in almost every way, not only during the winter period itself but for a long time afterwards. Here are some of the reasons why.


Soft To The Touch

Due to the much narrower fibres in cashmere compared to wool, scarves made from the material are delightfully soft on your skin, whilst other warm-weather materials can feel scratchy or rough at times if they are not effectively finished.

Alongside this, cashmere does not have lanolin, which some people can be allergic to and helps contribute to wool making people feel itchy.


Perfect For Transition

Woollen clothes are very good at keeping you warm in the dead of winter, but during pretty much any other time they can be a bit too bulky and uncomfortably warm.

Cashmere on the other hand, due to its ability to adapt to different temperatures and weathers can be worn from late September up until early March, being a great accessory beyond the Christmas period itself.

During the dead of winter, however, it is amongst the warmest fibres you can make clothes from, whilst still providing enough breathability to enable your body to avoid overheating, which makes it perfect for snowy, chilly Christmas Days.



Cashmere scarves are exceptionally light compared to wool, which makes them a great way to keep warm whilst on the move.

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