What To Wear That Will Suit Both Winter And Spring Fashion

What To Wear That Will Suit Both Winter And Spring Fashion

It feels as though it has been the longest winter on record, and even when there are glimpses of spring sunshine, the cold, wind and even snow seems to reappear, blowing away hopes of some warmer weather. 

Therefore, finding something to wear at this time of the year, between deep winter and the brighter days of spring, can be difficult, as some clothes feel far too heavy and warm by the afternoon but too light and chilly first thing in the morning. 

Here are some tips on what to choose to wear before spring finally settles. 



The biggest secret to this in-between stage is to layer up. So, instead of putting on a thick woollen jumper and a heavy coat, simply slip on as many layers as you need. 

This means you can easily take some off as the day goes on if you need to, without having to completely change your outfit. 


Lighter clothes

When picking clothes to layer, go for lighter options. For instance, start with a vest, add a longer sleeve top or shirt, and slip on a warmer tunic or cardigan over the top. 

If you’re feeling brave, you might swap your thick winter coat for a jacket, and keep your hat and gloves nearby if you need to warm up quickly. 



Although pure cashmere jumpers are a great choice for the winter months, they are also good to wear once the weather heats up. 

As cashmere wool derives from Kashmir goats, which live in the harsh mountains of India and Nepal, as well as Tibet, Mongolia, and Bhutan, their wool is designed to keep them warm, even when temperatures drop to -40C. 

Its soft fibres are very insulating, trapping heat close to the skin and protecting it from the chill outside. 

However, cashmere wool is also highly breathable. At the same time as trapping hot air in, it allows warmth from the body to escape. As it has a free flow of air, you can avoid feeling stuffy or sweaty, as any excess heat or moisture is removed through the fibres. 

This means you can get away with wearing just one layer of cashmere clothing during this limbo season, as it will keep you warm enough in the morning without being too stuffy if the temperatures rise. 

This also means you don’t have to pack on lots of layers, which can feel sweaty or uncomfortable if you aren’t able to remove them as quickly as it warms up. 



Some clothes look great whether worn in winter or spring, and jeans are most definitely one of them. While a skirt and thick black tights or a knitted dress only really suit the colder months, jeans are so versatile that they look great whatever the weather outside. 

On a frostier day, simply team a pair of jeans with boots, a cashmere jumper and a longline puffer jacket. When the sun is out and you’re feeling more springy, you can still keep the same jeans on but swap your boots for a pair of loafers and the heavy coat for a spring jacket, such as a denim shirt, puffer gilet or asymmetric blazer.