Cashmere: The One Thing The Rival Princesses Agree On

Cashmere: The One Thing The Rival Princesses Agree On

Few things have made bigger headlines than the royal rows that have seen Princes William and Harry estranged from each other in the last couple of years. Not surprisingly, their wives are hardly best friends either.

However, there may be one area where Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle will have no problems agreeing: A love of cashmere.

For the Princess of Wales, being seen wearing cashmere jumpers in London is a common event, the sort of thing that has attracted the attention of celeb magazines like Hello! in recent months

Indeed, it was perhaps for this treason that a cashmere company founder, Claire Heathcote of Loop Cashmere, was recently co-opted by the Daily Express to outline how her warm jumpers show off a smart and subtle skill for following the “latest fashion crazes”. Few, it seems, can wear a turtleneck so well.

Across the pond, Meghan has been more used to being accused of having a brass neck than a turtle one, but there is no doubt she knows how to look stylish too. 

The latest revelations from her wardrobe were highlighted by She Finds, which noted how she was sporting a ‘long black cashmere coat’ as she attended a meeting of the Archewell charity in Los Angeles.

With this being part of an all-black look, the style was perhaps a little different from the reds, browns and occasional tartans worn by the future royal consort, but the fact that both love cashmere is at least one thing they can share.

Of course, it would be a bit much to suggest that some huge reconciliation could take place over a shared element of fashion taste, but perhaps we can reflect that even among people who do not see eye-to-eye on much else, the quality and style of cashmere is such that it is impossible for them to disagree about its appeal.