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What Are The Top Present Ideas For This Year’s Father’s Day?

Choosing what to buy for your dad on Father’s Day is always a tricky one, especially if he already has a drawer full of socks, a cupboard packed with mugs, and doesn’t need any more novelty gadgets. 

That’s why we've put together a list of great suggestions on what you can get your father this year that he’s guaranteed to love. 


Cashmere jumper

Father’s Day might fall in the middle of summer, but there’s never a bad time to receive a lovely pure cashmere jumper. They are the ultimate in knitwear, made from the hair of a type of goat, only found in the Kashmir region of the Himalayas. 

As temperatures drop as low as -40C here, the wool is the warmest you can find. At the same time, the natural fibre is breathable, making it a great choice for warmer months too. That is why it has become the most popular and luxurious choice of wool. 


Pizza oven

Dads seem to love cooking outdoors, whether it’s lighting up a barbecue or flame-grilling marshmallows on the fire. So why not let them enjoy outdoor dining even more by getting a pizza oven?

There is a huge choice available these days, including stainless steel options and ones you can put on the top of the barbecue. You could even spoil your father with an outdoor wood fired pizza oven if he is a big fan of Italian cuisine. 


Something for their hobby

Dads will love it if you treat them to a gizmo related to their favourite hobby. This shows you’ve given a lot of thought to the gift, and tried to find something they would really love. 

For instance, you could get him a golf jacket if he likes taking a swing at the weekend, or a fancy tackle box if he enjoys nothing more than a day out fishing. 

Dads who still take good care of their fitness and like to hit the gym could be given a new set of dumbbells, tricep dip bars or a pull-up bar, while cycling enthusiasts could benefit from a hydration pack, a multitool, or apparel. 



If your father is a big music fan, why not spoil him with an old-fashioned turntable? He will be able to dust off his favourite vinyls and finally be able to play them again. 

Modern versions are bluetooth enabled, which means they are even able to sync with contemporary speaker systems or earphones.  


Garden hammock 

Dads love nothing more than an afternoon snooze, so give them something truly exciting to nap in with a hammock. You could get one with a stand that would fit in their garden, so they can enjoy soaking up the sunshine while they rest.

Alternatively, you could get a portable one that can be hung up whenever they want to lay their head down.

As Good Housekeeping says: “Every dad loves a hammock. Now, with this travel hammock, all he needs are a couple of trees and an ice-cold beverage to completely unwind in the fresh air.”
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