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Top Tips For Mixing And Matching Your Cashmere With Style

Cashmere is an elegant and luxurious fabric that can transform your outfit, whether with the perfect printed pashmina or a matching glove and hat set. It’s so versatile that it looks just as good with loungewear as it does as part of a sophisticated evening outfit. Here are some top tips for mixing and matching your cashmere accessories for any occasion.

Create an accent colour

If your natural style veers towards dark or neutral tones for key pieces, then some well-chosen accessories such as scarves, gloves and hats can be used to create a pop of colour. This is an ideal way to add some interest to your outfit, whilst leaving you the option of easily removing them if you want to revert to a more neutral look.

If you tend to wear lighter or brighter colours, then you could try out the monochrome look with a set of black matching cashmere accessories. These will go well with anything and the timeless elegance of black will always look chic and sophisticated.  

Mix cashmere with casualwear

The fashion for ‘athleisure’ means that women are just as likely to choose yoga pants or leggings to wear out and about as they are jeans or tailored trousers. Combining loungewear with cashmere is the perfect way to ensure that you look as stylish as you feel comfortable. A well-fitting V-neck jumper looks great with yoga pants, for example.

If you want an extra warm layer to wear over your pyjamas when you are snuggled up on the sofa watching a film, then a wonderful soft loose-fit cardigan is ideal to keep you feeling cosy all evening. Alternatively, opt for a cape wrap that will take you from night to daytime walks in the park. 

Elevate your WHF look with cashmere

According to Statistica, 44% of workers in the UK work from home all or some of the time. This has led to a whole new wardrobe dilemma for people who want to feel comfortable, but also look smart enough for online meetings or just to get in the right mindset for work. 

A well-fitting cashmere round neck jumper that can be teamed with comfortable sweatpants is a great solution for days when you want to be well presented but also not confined with more structured clothing. 

Make an impression with pattern

Pashmina shawls and scarves are available in a variety of  prints and patterns that are beautiful enough to be the focal point of your outfit. Combine a simple black or grey dress or top and trousers with an eye-catching scarf to really make a style statement.

Layer up your cashmere

Cashmere is a fine and lightweight fabric, and it can be easily layered to create a luxurious cosy feel. A matching twin set can be combined with a cashmere shawl and hat for an outfit that will keep you feeling warm and chic all winter, for example. For extra interest, choose contrasting ribbed and smooth textures for your knitwear.

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