How To Choose The Perfect Cosy Cashmere Glove And Hat Set

How To Choose The Perfect Cosy Cashmere Glove And Hat Set

As the first chills of autumn arrive, there is nothing to beat the feeling of wrapping yourself up in some beautifully soft cashmere accessories. Light and breathable but also warm and cosy, it’s the ideal fabric for the colder seasons. Here’s a guide to choosing the perfect cashmere gloves and hat set. 

Why is cashmere special?

Cashmere is obtained from the undercoat of certain breeds of goat that are native to Central Asian regions and northern China. These areas have very harsh winters where temperatures can drop to -40°c, and the goats have developed particularly long fine coats to help them survive. 

The goats naturally shed these hairs in springtime, and this is when they are collected from the goat, either by shearing or combing. The fibres are far finer than human hair, which is why they are so soft and silky to the touch. They are designed to trap heat whilst remaining breathable, which makes them ideal material for winter garments. 

However, it’s important to look for good quality cashmere that has not been blended with cheaper fibres. Luxury cashmere of the highest grade will not pill easily or lose its shape, which is especially important for accessories such as hats and gloves. It may be more expensive than regular wool, but it’s well worth the investment.

The perfect cashmere hat

The beanie is a timeless hat that will keep you looking stylish and sophisticated in the winter chill. Choose a pompom beanie with a cable knit design for a fun and youthful look, or a classic ribbed beanie that is lightweight, warm and will take you everywhere. For a more feminine take on the beanie, go for a pretty pointelle pattern

The perfect cashmere gloves

Gloves are available in a variety of styles, including classic gloves, or fingerless and long cuff gloves and wrist warmers. If you want to maintain easy access to your phone while you are out and about, then fingerless gloves are a practical and versatile option. For an extra helping of sass and style, go for some extra-long wrist warmers. 

Colour coordination 

For the ultimate versatility, pick soft neutrals such as sand, camel, or soft grey that will go with whatever you are wearing. You could also add a brightly coloured matching set to your wardrobe in pink, green, or red for those days when you just want to have a bit more colour in your life. 

Finally, don’t forget to team them with a cashmere scarf or shawl for the perfect coordinated outfit. Matching cashmere accessories are a perfect way to treat yourself to something special, and they also make a lovely present that will doubtless be very welcome this winter.