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Top Stocking Fillers For Ladies

Christmas-present buying can become a stressful experience if you don’t know what to get your loved one. Many people don’t have time to browse the shops like they used to and searching for a lovely novelty gift on the internet can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to buy the lady in your life, here are some great suggestions for stocking fillers. 



It’s Christmas and the weather is, unsurprisingly, cold. So why not keep your mum, wife, sister, daughter, or girlfriend warm with a luxurious cashmere scarf from London?

Not only will these be used daily as a shield from the frosty temperatures, but they look as good as they feel. Pick a large pashmina for a more glamorous touch, or a thick textured snood for those colder days.


Wellness journals

Most people now understand the importance of looking after their own mental health, so it could be a great idea to encourage your loved one to steal some time for themselves every day with their own wellness journal. 

Mindfulness diaries encourage you to think about things you are grateful for, improve clarity, set out intentions and keep track of your goals. 

In some, you note down your meals, water intake, sleep, and habits, while others provide space to write anxious thoughts, challenges, achievements, and self-are ideas. 

Many have inspiring quotes, breathing exercises, recipe suggestions and exercise routines for help on the mindfulness journey. 


Don’t Be Sad Puzzles

Give your lady something to do in the new year with a Don’t Be Sad Puzzle by Karl-Joel Larsson & Wrap. This stylishly illustrated jigsaw is no ordinary puzzle, as it comes in a designer-looking box that looks great on a coffee table. 

As Creative Boom says: “Winter can be boring and depressing, so here’s a great antidote.”

The puzzle contained 1,000 pieces and measures 49cm x 69.5cm, so it’ll definitely keep someone busy this winter!


 Photo desk calendar 

Working at a desk all day, people can quickly get bored of their surroundings, which is why a personalised calendar could be a great option. Add photos of her loved ones, from the kids, her siblings, her parents, and don’t forget the dogs and cats. 

For extra points, circle important dates in each month, so she doesn’t forget a special occasion.


Artisan chocolates

Most of us received a chocolate goody in our stockings when we were younger, whether it was simple gold-wrapped chocolate coins or a much-coveted Terry’s chocolate orange that superseded the tradition of a plain old orange. 

These days, however, you might want to give a more sophisticated chocolate gift. Head to one of the many Christmas markets taking place over the next few weeks and pick up some locally produced chocolates.

Velvety truffles, slabs of chocolate with interesting and delicious flavours, or a selection box of personally chosen treats that would suit her tastes will all go down well on Christmas Day, for sure. 

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