How To Wear Your Scarf This Winter

How To Wear Your Scarf This Winter

Scarves have always been the most stylish of winter accessories, helping to add sophistication to an outfit, as well as keep you warm. But did you know how great a scarf looks can all come down to how you wear it?

Here are some tips on the best techniques for wrapping your scarf around yourself, so you can show it off to its full potential.


Draping it

Although this doesn’t necessarily provide the best insulation, draping your scarf around your neck, letting the ends dangle down, is officially the most stylish way to wear it this season. This works really well for wide, oversized scarves, such as pashminas, as its width creates some coverage over your chest. 

If the weather isn’t cold enough to warrant a coat, Master Class even recommends styling “your scarf over a T-shirt to showcase the scarf and its length”. 


One-sided drape

On colder days, however, you might want a bit more warmth from your accessory. In this case, the one-sided drape is a good choice. Simply toss one of the sides over the opposite shoulder, so you cover your neck from the elements. 

Again, larger scarves, which are definitely on-trend this winter, go well with this look, as they elegantly drape over the shoulder, allowing you to display the scarf fully. 


A low-hanging knot 

The temptation when putting on a scarf is to simply wrap it around your neck as many times as you can. However, this can then feel very restrictive, particularly when you’re trying to take it off or want a bit of air. It also looks very cumbersome and clunky, which isn’t what you want if you are looking for your scarf to add some elegance to your ensemble. 

A great alternative is the low-hanging knot, as this gives the coverage and warmth you want, but also some looseness. 

Hang it around your neck and do a loose knot where the ends join. There will be a gap as the ends drape over your shoulders, but you can feel confident the scarf will not slip or open, as it is tied together. 

A cashmere or silk scarf is ideal for this style, with the extra material gathering perfectly in the middle. 



Another option that is becoming popular this season is wrapping your scarf around yourself like a shawl. As long as the scarf is wide enough, you can put it over your shoulders and tie it around your waist with a belt. 

A blanket-type scarf is best for this, as it will naturally create batwing-like sleeves, keeping your body, as well as your neck warm. 

Wear this without a coat, and style it with black cigarette pants and heels for a sophisticated look. 


Traditional scarves

When it comes to the types of scarves that are still on trend, it is best to stick with traditional ones. This means infinity scarves, or snoods as they are otherwise known, are taking a break from the fashion world this season. 

This is not to say they won’t make a return, but winter 2022 is all about large, oversized cashmere scarves or delicate silk ones. 

So, if you’re looking for a cashmere cape wrap, take a look here.