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The Best Bra None: Why Katie Holmes Made A Big Splash

Cashmere clothing offers style, quality and warmth, all of which makes it highly sought after. But some ladies might easily underestimate just how much they can enjoy it.

For example, everyone who knows even a little about cashmere will be aware of the delights of the skirts, coats, cardigans, jumpers, scarves and hats that can be made from this wonderful material. But what some might overlook is that this can apply to undergarments too.

Sometimes it takes a celebrity to make a splash to draw attention to this fact. No, David Beckham hasn’t been seen in cashmere boxers (yet), but Katie Holmes has in a cashmere bra.

This look actually emerged with a matching Khaite cardigan and bra look in 2019, but it was only in an interview this month with the Wall Street Journal that the actress expressed bemusement at how popular the look proved.

She said: “I love the brand Khaite. But I have no idea why that took off. I’m not sure.” Cashmere fans might be able to suggest a reason, of course. 

Ms Holmes suggested one of her own: “I don’t know what a cashmere bra symbolised in terms of women going forward - or backward. I mean, did I burn it?”

Then again, maybe the issue is less about feminism and more about simple comfort, she reflected: “Perhaps the cashmere bra should just have the credit go to its designers - as it was a step in a good direction for women to just have comfortable bras.”

Comfort is certainly important when it comes to bras and that is why those in the know will give cashmere a go.  

It clearly helps when Katie Holmes is about to draw attention to things, even if her most recent public appearances have seen some unusual choices, such as wearing a dress and skirt at the same time. But if that is a move few would think of copying, her cashmere look is another matter altogether.
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