Can You Remove Bad Stains From Cashmere Clothes And How?

Can You Remove Bad Stains From Cashmere Clothes And How?

Cashmere wool is so delicate, it is important to wash it carefully so you don’t damage the fibres. This is especially the case when it comes to removing stains, which, despite the fragility of cashmere, can still be done. 


Act quickly

The best thing to do if you spill something on your Scottish cashmere scarf or jumper is to act quickly. The longer you leave the spillage to soak into the fibres, the harder it’ll be to remove it. 


Dab the stain

Before it soaks in completely, make sure you dab the stain with a cloth. This will lift any residual spillage out of the material in the case of drinks, ice-cream, ink, tomato ketchup, or anything liquidy.


What is the stain?

How you go about removing the stain will depend on what has been spilt on the clothing. For instance, if chocolate has melted on to the item, you should remove any that is stuck on with a spoon. 

If you happen to have got make-up, oil or ketchup stains on the cashmere, you might want to apply some baking soda to the blemish, as this will remove some of the grease. 


Wash carefully

Most other stains simply require you to turn it inside out and wash in a mixture of water and colourless washing-up liquid. It is best to avoid soap or detergent, as this could make the stains worse. 

When washing, simply dab at the mark so the stain doesn’t become further embedded. Then rinse it gently with cool water, and lay it out flat to dry.