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How To Transition Your Cashmere From Season To Season

Depending on how organised your wardrobe is, you may have distinct summer and winter wardrobes that you take in and out of storage when you need them, with loose, light fabrics to embrace sunny weather and warm woollen garments in the winter.

However, cashmere clothing can often blur the lines between the different seasons, as whilst it is often used in a similar way to other types of wool, it has also always been far more flexible.

The reason for this, as anyone with a cashmere scarf or cardigan can attest, is down to lightness, softness and comfort. Whilst the material is fantastic at keeping you warm when you need it, it also provides enough breathability and wicking to avoid overheating in summer.

With that in mind, here is how to take advantage of this and use cashmere as the transitional fabric from season to season.

Summer To Autumn

The summer-autumn transition can be one of the trickiest of the entire fashion year, as September can often feature some of the brightest and warmest days of the year, making it difficult to know exactly what weather to dress for on any given day.

The simple answer is not to give up on light, summer dresses until October, but instead use either a cashmere shawl or comfortable sweater to protect yourself from the windchill in style.

Autumn To Winter

The easiest and starkest transition in the fashion year is finally making the switch to the winter wardrobe in earnest, and whilst that obviously means plenty of cashmere, it is also the time to be mindful of layering.

When you want to keep warm, the best way to do so in a way that will stop you from overheating even in winter is to substitute particularly thick jumpers and coats for a series of thinner layers with a cashmere piece on top.

Winter To Spring

Around March and the first flush of spring is the time to start looking at pairing chunky cashmere with flowing, lighter fabrics such as chiffon to create an outfit that is mindful of the temperature but highlights your readiness for when the sun starts to shine a bit brighter.

It is also time to start pairing lighter shades, accessories and layers with your cashmere compared to the warmer, darker shades that often inherently come with the winter season.

Spring is the month to start unpacking your summer wardrobe as well and using cashmere to keep you warm as you get into a brighter mindset, moving from thicker jumpers to shawls and cardigans as the weather improves.

Spring To Summer

During the latter part of summer during somewhat infamously changeable June weather, cashmere can help you start to wear your summer essentials early.

After all, a summer dress doubles as a light, comfortable bright skirt when worn with a cashmere cardigan or turtleneck, whilst keeping away the chill in the process. This is also true for the little black dress, which can thrive when paired with a wraparound shawl.

Typically, if you are used to wearing thin cotton in the spring and summer, try replacing it with a cashmere sweater and be surprised at how much more comfortable and suited to the season it is due to its breathability.

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