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Can Meghan Markle Still Wow Us All Wearing Cashmere?

Meghan Markle is one of those people who divides opinion, between those who see her and Harry as an independent couple who are boldly making their own way in life and others who feel the couple have been nothing but trouble for the monarchy.

However one may feel about them, there is no doubt Meghan dresses well and her fashion choices inevitably get loads of attention, not least when she is seen in cashmere clothing.

One of the most recent cases of this was highlighted in Fashionista Magazine, which enthused over her cashmere set in the latest edition of their regular column ‘Megan Wore A Thing’.

The cashmere in this case was a matching “camel-hued sleeveless turtleneck and matching flared pants”, described by the magazine as “monochromatic”.

Lest those who consider themselves more Team Wills than Team Harry feel like cashmere is not for them just because it’s what Meghan sometimes wears, nobody should forget how often Kate wears it, not to mention Princess Charlotte.

The two royal princesses have gained a reputation for being fashionable but not distant, as they do un-royal things like re-using the same clothes multiple times, highlighting a concern for sustainability as well as ensuring their cashmere items and many other things get multiple public viewings.

Some people, of course, are completely turned off by anything royal, either out of indifference or from opposition to the institution. But if you prefer musical royalty, or film royalty, there are plenty of these sorting great cashmere outfits too.

For example, Vogue has been covering Jennifer Lopez as she went shopping in Paris, noting the cashmere sweater she was wearing as part of her sartorial ensemble in the city of lights.

It just goes to show that whether your celebrity fashion role models are royal or not, cashmere is still as fashionable as ever.

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