How To Style Your Cashmere Clothing In The Summertime

How To Style Your Cashmere Clothing In The Summertime

Cashmere is typically seen as a warm, luxurious fabric. Cashmere wool comes especially from cashmere or pashmina goats and is a luxury choice for those wanting soft, cosy clothing.

Although wool is not typically a summer fabric, there are ways you can still rock your cashmere pieces and stay cool, comfortable a stylish during the summer. Versatility is key when choosing clothing which is wearable all year round.

Although very warm and cosy, cashmere is also an incredibly lightweight and breathable fabric. This is something which is great about natural fibres, they allow the skin to breathe and don’t smother you, even while keeping you warm.

This means that cashmere, although a wool, can still be worn during the sunnier days of the year. Opting for light layers and pairing it with other light and airy fabrics can give you the perfect summer outfit that both looks great and is comfortable for everyday wear.

Light colours are also a great choice as they don’t absorb as much heat as darker-coloured clothing meaning you will stay cool and won't become too hot or uncomfortable. Pastels are always a gorgeous choice for bright summer days and neutrals match almost anything else in your wardrobe.

Lightweight cardigans or coverups, scarves which can be worn as shawls or sleeveless vests and tops are all fantastic choices for the summer. This allows you to still enjoy the softness of the fabric without overheating.

Anything cropped is always a great choice for summertime as it allows you to show a little skin while still staying relatively covered up. A cropped short sleeve cashmere top or vest is the perfect choice paired with your favourite shorts or a floaty skirt.

Cashmere scarves aren’t just for the wintertime. While you can bundle up in layers in the colder months, scarves can also be utilised when the sun is shining in a variety of different ways.

Using a scarf as a lightweight and floaty coverup is a great alternative to bringing a jacket and gives you just the right amount of warmth against a cool summer nights breeze. They can also be used as beach coverups and can be tied in many different ways to create new and unique looks.

Loose knit clothing is also a great choice. This allows for more airflow between the knit of the fabric making it even more breathable and often gives an outfit a stylish, boho chic look which is very modern and on-trend during the summertime.

This also allows you to play around with more layers as the looser the knit, the more visible the clothing underneath will be. Pair with a cute tank top, your favourite bikini or even a pretty bralette for a fun summer outfit.

It isn’t always burning hot during the summer either so you may be able to get away with wearing your usual cashmere jumpers paired with a pair of shorts or jeans and still be comfortable.