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How Can You Unshrink Cashmere Jumpers Without Ruining Them?

Cashmere has been the creme de la creme of the wool world for decades, thanks to its excellent quality and rarity. 

However, as the fibre is completely natural, simply obtained from cashmere goats and containing no man-made chemicals, it can mean there are sometimes washing mishaps. 

For instance, you should never wash wool in the washing machine or dry it in a tumble dryer, as doing either could cause it to shrink - and you could end up with a brown cashmere jumper that feels two sizes too small! 

However, the good news is if you have shrunk your woollen clothes by mistake, you can try to bring them back to life following these tips. 

According to HowCast, you could attempt to bring the wool back to its original size by putting it in a solution of lukewarm water and one-third of a cup of conditioner. 

Soak it for ten minutes before letting the water drain out of the sink. When the tub is empty, press the material on the sides to remove excess water. 

However, it is important not to wring it out, as this could change the shape again. 

After this, lie the piece of clothing flat on an absorbent towel and place another towel on top of it.

Slowly stretch the wool to its original shape and let it dry naturally. This should result in it returning to its original shape. 

Once it has been remedied, however, it is essential to only hand wash your cashmere clothing to avoid it shrinking again!

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