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A Brief History Of Cashmere And Where It Came From

Cashmere is a luxurious speciality material which is made from the wool of a certain breed of goat, such as a cashmere or pashmina goat. It is incredibly soft, cosy and warm and can be used to create beautiful garments and accessories such as a pair of gloves or a pashmina shawl.

The term cashmere was first coined in the 16th century and was used to describe the garments which were spun by craftsmen in Kashmir from the specific types of wool and yarn yielded from the aforementioned animals.

These were extremely well-made hand-spun items which were exported to the West, into countries such as France and England and were highly coveted and sought-after garments.

The fact they were so beautiful, soft and gentle on the skin as well as providing warmth and comfort meant that upper-class citizens in these countries were in demand of the material.

They were mainly worn by ladies of high status who wore the items underneath their day dresses and evening gowns in order to stay warm.

They were so popular that they even found their way into the wardrobes and clothing collections of royalty and remained extremely popular well into the 19th century.

The cost of cashmere was very high though and many people simply could not afford to purchase items made from this material. Instead, sheep wool became a popular alternative and could be made locally at a much lower cost.

Cashmere slowly fell out of fashion and became much less common than it had been centuries before. This was largely due to the cost of the fabric and the fact that cheaper, locally-made garments could be acquired much more quickly.

This didn’t mean cashmere fell off the face of the earth though. It had a resurgence of popularity in the 80s when many fashion designers became fond of its softness and warmth.

Cashmere was once again a staple of luxury and wealth and became a favourite for suits, dresses and sweaters. These proved to be incredibly popular and many people invested in cashmere items.

They proved a worthwhile investment too, as cashmere can last for a very long time if cared for correctly and stays warm and soft, in contrast to other cheaper materials which become scratchy and worn over time.

In the modern day, cashmere is still a popular option for those looking for quality-made, luxury items.

You can purchase anything from gloves to scarves, jumpers and cardigans in cashmere and the quality is exceptional and far beyond the grasp of modern fast fashion.

Cashmere remains a fabric that is bought for its soft, gentle feel, incredible warmth and insulation, luxurious look and finish and durability.

It should be stored away from sunlight, hand washed and kept dry and cool away from moths to prevent the fabric from degrading. If stored correctly, cashmere can last a lifetime and prove to be an incredibly luxurious and worthwhile investment for your wardrobe.

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