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Answering The Most Common Cashmere Questions | TCG London

Whilst there has hardly been a time when cashmere clothing has truly been out of style, especially amongst the apres-ski crowd, there has been a bubbling interest in the material as a lighter, more robust and warmer alternative to wool.

The cashmere fibre, hand-combed from the undercoats of Kashmir goats is renowned for its softness, and whilst there have been attempts to replicate its feel, none of them have succeeded.

However, whilst a lot of this is known, there are some other common questions that people interested in filling their wardrobe with warm winter clothes have asked and would be interested in the answer to.


Is Cashmere Warmer Than Wool?

Cashmere is often much thinner than wool, as well as being more breathable, more capable of moisture wicking and much more comfortable in warmer settings.

However, despite being thinner and lighter, cashmere is often warmer than wool, largely because of the way air is trapped in the fibres. Woollen jumpers certainly have their place but cashmere is typically a better alternative.


Can You Hang Up Cashmere Clothes?

Technically you can, but it is often more trouble than it is worth. Wire hangers leave nasty marks and imprints in garments that can take some effort to remove, and even if you use a padded or wide-shouldered hanger, the gravity can stretch the sweater slightly, ruining the fit.

Instead, fold your cashmere carefully and leave it in a cool wardrobe, with some form of mothball or repellent to deter insects if you struggle with moths.


How Long Can Cashmere Last?

Cashmere can last a very long time if taken care of properly, although exactly how long can depend on a wide array of factors and criteria.

If carefully washed, depilled and maintained, typically a cashmere garment can last over a decade, which highlights the high quality of the material itself.

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