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A Guide To Selecting Stylish Luxury Cashmere Gifts For Men

It’s the peak of the Christmas shopping season and the race is on to find the perfect gifts for partners, family members and friends. It can be a particular challenge to find the right present for a man in your life, especially if they do not have stereotypical male interests such as sport, cars, or tech. 

A perfect solution for a stylish yet practical gift for men is a luxury accessory such as a pure cashmere scarf. Here is a guide to picking out the right accessory or knitwear item for a gentleman.

Think about his style

When choosing a cashmere accessory, consider his personal style and current wardrobe. What fits it with their tastes, lifestyle and personality? What colours does he tend to wear, such as neutrals, bright colours, patterns, or dark muted tones? Does he prefer classic clothing or the contemporary style? Find a style and colour to match his tastes.


A well chosen scarf is the ultimate stylish accessory, and will be useful for winter warmers or chilly spring days to add a touch of colour and interest. Consider whether he would prefer a pattern such as tartan or Fairisle, or a more light pashmina that would be versatile enough to wear all year round. 


Gloves are a useful item to have at this time of the year, whether for driving on frosty mornings or for winter walking. For a combination of style and convenience, choose fingerless gloves that enable easy use of a mobile phone.  


Cashmere is an ideal fabric for a classic ribbed beanie that will be wonderfully warm yet light and breathable.



Choose from a classic range of knitwear in a choice of V neck, round neck, zip neck, or slipover, in a range of bright or neutral colours. 

Test the quality

Last but not least, it’s important to make sure that the cashmere you are buying is of genuine high quality rather than an inferior product that may have been mixed with interior wool or cheaper synthetic fibres. Check that the label states 100% cashmere, or that it has been blended with another soft high end fabric such as silk. 


The cashmere should feel soft to touch and have a lightness and suppleness, so that it does not stretch out of shape easily. It should feel comfortable next to the skin, with no coarseness or irritation. Lightly rub the surface of the fabric with your finger to see if it pills, or forms small balls of texture. If it does, it’s an indication that it is of poor quality.

If you are buying the product online, look for details of where the item was made and consider the price. High quality cashmere is more expensive than most other fabric types, because of the relative rarity of the fibres used and the careful manufacturing process. 

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