Why Pashminas Are A Great And Stylish Garment For Both Men And Women

Why Pashminas Are A Great And Stylish Garment For Both Men And Women

When people talk about unisex fashion, often the focus is on the kind of items that have emerged in relatively recent times, such as jeans, that can be worn by men and women alike with nobody batting an eyelid. It is all a far cry from the very distinctive ways men and women have dressed in the past.

However, that may be much more true of the west than many other parts of the world, where the concept of unisex clothing has a much longer history.

Take pashminas, for instance. These stylish scarves have been around for thousands of years in the Asian steppes, where men and women alike have benefitted from their qualities as long as cashmere wool has been woven. 

A key feature of these beautiful and comfy items is that they not only look good, but are suited to almost any weather. Right now, for example, they will be ideal for staying warm in winter, but they can also be worn in hot summer conditions, or indoors at a party or other social event where the internal temperature will be high in a crowded room, whatever the weather outside.

Indeed, a good example of their flexibility among both different genders and varying seasons was demonstrated recently at the football World Cup. As Republic World reported, Cashmere shawls were given as gifts to VIPs during the event by the sport’s governing body FIFA. The fact that they can be enjoyed even in a hot desert climate tells its own story.

To have a garment that is stylish, never out of fashion, great for hot or cold weather and suitable for both men and women makes pashminas some of the most adaptable clothing items around. What is more, you don’t need to be some bigwig living it up in the VIP areas at the World Cup to wear one.