Why Men Should Enjoy Cashmere As It Isn’t Just For Ladies

Why Men Should Enjoy Cashmere As It Isn’t Just For Ladies

When most people think of luxurious cashmere clothes, beautiful pashminas and elegant shawls typically come to mind. However, this delicate, soft fabric isn’t just for ladies, as there are a huge number of cashmere products available for men to enjoy these days. 



Take jumpers, for instance. Guys feel like the cold just as much as women, which is why they need to layer up during the colder months and protect themselves from the chilly weather. 

This winter has been particularly harsh, so many men might have found their usual wool-blend sweaters just aren’t cutting it. Instead, they could opt for pure cashmere jumpers, which are not only incredibly soft and comfortable, but very warm, thanks to the quality of the material. 

Cashmere sweaters, whether in the style of v-necks, round-necks, or slipovers, are also incredibly smart, which makes them ideal to wear at work. While other jumpers may not be very sophisticated-looking, cashmere ones look great when worn with a shirt underneath, so you can still dress well in the office. 



Yes, cashmere pashminas are undeniably beautiful on women, but men need to cover up their necks during the frosty months too. Traditional scarves have never fallen out of popularity, and cashmere ones are known to trap in heat, keeping the neck very warm and comfortable when it is bitterly cold outside. 

Choose a classic check style for a smart look, or a block colour, such as baby blue or bold red, for a more adventurous fashion choice. 

Snoods have also become en vogue over the last few years, as they are easy to slip on around your neck and don’t get tangled. You can find cashmere snoods in a variety of colours that will keep you warm and trendy this season. 



Although the belief that you lose most of your body heat through your head has been debunked in recent years, it is still important – and more comfortable – to cover up your head when it is freezing outside. 

Just as your legs would lose heat if you wore shorts when in cold weather, your head also does if you don’t wear a hat. So, make sure you always grab one on your way out, so you can stay as warm as possible. 

One of the best hats to wear has to be cashmere, as the finely-knitted fabric means it is great at keeping heat in, which is just what you want when temperatures are plummeting. 

You can find a large choice of cashmere beanies, which suit different face shapes, so you can rest assured the hat will suit you. 



Lastly, have you ever tried to de-ice your car without wearing gloves? Your fingers and hands turn bitterly cold and red raw very quickly if you don’t wrap them up. 

This is where cashmere gloves come into their own, as they make sure your digits stay toasty even when it is below freezing outside.