Top Tips When Buying Cashmere Garment Gifts | TCG London

Top Tips When Buying Cashmere Garment Gifts | TCG London

There are few feelings better than the soft, warm glide of cashmere clothing on a harsh winter’s day. The combination of lightness, breathability and the fine fibres make it the most delightful way to keep warm.

Whether it is a tasteful cashmere sweater, a snug scarf or a comfortable pair of gloves that fit just right, cashmere can be easily fit into either your life or the life of someone you deeply care about.

Because of its reputation for quality, however, there are some important tips to keep in mind when looking for the perfect cashmere gift this winter.


Check The Label

Whilst this may seem like a truism, it is important to check the label on the garment itself rather than the price tag and card tags to make sure that it is “100 per cent cashmere”, as quite a few lower-cost items are not pure cashmere but a blend of wool, cashmere and other fibres.

As well as this, if you already have a cashmere piece that you love and cherish, there is no harm in sticking to the companies and labels you know can provide you with a wonderful feeling time and again.

If you are ordering online, then check the fine print on the items you are looking at to ensure that anything advertised as “cashmere” is purely made of cashmere and not a blend of different artificial, uncomfortable fibres.


Stroke The Material

If you are buying a piece at retail, take advantage of the in-person shopping experience by giving any scarves or sweaters a careful caress.

Not only can you get a sensation for how it will feel to wear, but you can also feel for its density and softness, which will affect how the cashmere will feel in the long term.

Essentially this feeling is determined by how the cashmere is treated. If it has been undermilled, it will resemble other fibres more than cashmere, whilst if it is over-milled, it will feel silky-smooth but will need a lot more care with a cashmere comb or using de-pilling stones.


Stretch The Garment Slightly

Another way to tell the quality of the cashmere is to stretch it very slightly and wait to see how long it takes to spring back. Good cashmere has very tightly woven fibres and as a result, will return to its original position very quickly.

This also equates to a snug, warm fit, so this is not just about choosing the highest quality, longest-lasting cashmere but also the clothes that fit best.


Look For Longer Fibres Or Baby Cashmere

Not all cashmere fibres are necessarily alike, and the highest quality cashmere material you can buy is produced with longer fibres. They are fine, light and highly resilient to the wear which can be seen with lower-quality cashmere.

There are three exceptions to this; baby cashmere has even finer and higher quality fibres despite them being shorter. As well as this, neck and throat fibres are similarly short and yet are used to create a higher-quality material.