Top Tips To Avoid Stretching Your Cashmere | TCG London

Top Tips To Avoid Stretching Your Cashmere | TCG London

With cashmere clothing being so soft and suitable almost year-round, one concern people have is about how much the delicate and soft fabric will stretch.

Unfortunately, the very properties that make cashmere so soft and comfortable also consequentially means that it is prone to stretching over time, both as you wear it and especially when you wash it.

What makes this more concerning to some people is that cashmere lacks the elasticity of other fibres, meaning that it will not return to its original shape after stretching, which can be very frustrating for some people given how rare high-quality cashmere is.

However, all hope is not lost, as whilst there will inevitably be some stretching, there are also ways to minimise its effects and keep your cashmere garment looking great for longer.


Relax Into Cashmere

Ultimately, there is a reason why people do not wear cashmere activewear, as the pulling and motion of you moving around will cause it to stretch, as can getting caught on doors or having people or children pull against it.

Basically, it is best to put your cashmere away on days when you are likely to be out and about and instead wear it for relaxing days in.


Do Not Hang Your Cashmere

Hanging up your cashmere is a bad idea that is made far worse because the most common reason for hanging up clothes is to help them dry.

For cashmere, the weight of the water can cause the fabric to stretch and for the shape to disappear.

Instead, lay your clothes flat when drying them, and fold them when you put them away rather than hang them in your wardrobe.


Opt For A Tighter Weave

One way to avoid too much stretching is to buy a cashmere garment with a tighter high-quality weave rather than a loose one, as tighter weaves do not stretch as much.