Tips For Storing Cashmere Clothing For Winter | TCG London

Tips For Storing Cashmere Clothing For Winter | TCG London

As the weather finally starts to clear up and temperatures rise after the final vestiges of winter, many people start to put away their winter clothes in favour of lighter summer garb.

This can be somewhat complex when it comes to cashmere clothing, as whilst the elegant luxury material is exceptionally good at keeping you warm, it is also quite light and some accessories can be worn throughout the year outside of particularly potent heatwaves.

As a result of this, there are two schools of thought when it comes to putting cashmere away, depending on whether it is being packed away for several months or is set to remain in your clothing rotation.

Regardless, here are some top tips for taking care of cashmere when you are not wearing it.


Fold Your Cashmere, Never Hang It

Cashmere is a durable natural fibre, but it can stretch and flex under its own weight, which can over time cause more damage than you might expect. Add to this the surprisingly sharp edges of a lot of thin wire hangers and hanging up cashmere can cause more problems than it is worth.

This is especially true when it is wet, so when you wash your cashmere, lay it out between two layers of towels and press it gently.

Ultimately, folding your cashmere not only helps it last longer but given that cashmere almost never creases, there are only benefits to folding and no downsides.


Dedicate Time To It

Collect all of your cashmere together in one go, even if you already have cashmere items in hibernation and look over every piece.

This will show if any need repairing, depilling or more serious stain removal, as well as show you how much cashmere you have to enjoy and stay comfortable during the winter.

If any pieces need washing, it is best to do it individually by hand, so bear in mind that if you have a large collection this could take quite some time. Spot cleaning is possible as well with wool-friendly detergents and cool water gently blotted onto the stain itself.


Never Machine Wash, Never Dry Clean

Most people know better than to put their cashmere into the washing machine, as the mix of violent motion and strong detergents can cause some quite significant damage that can be hard to fix.

However, this is also the case with dry cleaning, otherwise the typical solution for clothes that cannot be machine washed such as suits, as the harsh chemicals used in the process also cause damage.


Remember Your Mothballs

Because cashmere is a natural fibre, it also naturally attracts the attention of pests who might decide to take a bite out of it such as moths.

The best way to get rid of this issue is with a cedar storage chest, but given that they are both expensive and pretty bulky, most people will rely on alternatives.

You can get mothballs made of cedar which if tucked into the corner of your wardrobe provide a similar protective effect, and lavender not only smells wonderful but also repels moths and other insects, giving you greater protection.