How To Stay Warm And Fashionable With Cashmere This Winter

How To Stay Warm And Fashionable With Cashmere This Winter

The winter chill is on its way, with more and more people wrapping up in cosy hats and thicker coats recently. That is why it is important to sort out your winter fashion, if you haven’t already done so in order to look stylish while staying as warm as possible. 

One of - if not the - best materials to wear is cashmere, as the natural fibres trap in air, keeping you well insulated even if temperatures plummet outside. 

So, here are our suggestions on fashionable cashmere clothes you can’t live without this winter. 


Turtle necks

Turtle, roll, or polo neck jumpers - whatever you want to call them - are a great choice, as they keep your neck warm, as well as your body. 

Choose one in a classic neutral colour, such as black, grey or tan, and it will team well with any skirt or trousers of your choice. Smarten the look with a burgundy pencil leather skirt, or go more casual by wearing it with a pair of skinny jeans. 

Either way, a polo neck sweater is one of the essential items for your wardrobe this season. 



You can’t go wrong with cardigans, and the reason Brits love them so much is due to the unchangeable weather in the UK. Whenever the chill sets in, you can just slip on a long-line loose-fitting cardigan over the top of your outfit to add another layer of warmth to your outfit. 

Alternatively, short, fitted, v-neck pure cashmere cardigans never seem to go out of style, as they look feminine and fashionable with a pair of smart jeans or a corduroy skirt, making them the perfect choice for autumn/winter.


Tunics and dresses

If you really want to feel the benefit of cashmere, why not wear it as your entire ensemble?

You could choose a long-line tunic and team with a pair of good-quality leggings or skinny jeans.

Alternatively, you could go for a cashmere knee-length dress that will feel cosy all day long. Pair with opaque tights and a pair of slouchy thigh-high boots for the ultimate autumn/winter 2023 look



Another big trend this season is the oversized scarf, so make sure you have a cashmere wrap or pashmina in your coat cupboard. 

Slip these on to face the chilly weather, as they will keep your chest and neck warm. Having trapped in the hot air from indoors, they will stop the cold breeze penetrating you as much. 

On a really cold day, you could even lift it over your head, which would not only keep you warmer, but look very chic and fabulous. 



Hats might mess up hair, but there is nothing better to keep your head warm. 

Many people hate feeling the chill on their head, so it is worth a few stray strands of hair for a cashmere hat. 

You could either go for a neutral colour, as camel, greige and grey are all big news this season, or you could be bold with your headpiece and choose a brighter shade.