How To Spoil Your Partner On Valentine’s Day With Cashmere

How To Spoil Your Partner On Valentine’s Day With Cashmere

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and even though some people don’t believe in the commercial event, it is a great excuse to spoil your partner with something special. For tips on what to give your partner this February 14th, read on. 



While supermarkets might want to sell you cutesy mugs and heart-shaped chocolates, these often end up in the cupboard never to be seen again. Something more useful, which is both practical and luxurious, is more likely to go down better, while it also shows them you have given lots of thought to their present. 

A printed pashmina shawl, for instance, is always a good choice, allowing the wearer to look elegant and chic, while also staying warm during this brutal winter. 

With temperatures frequently dropping to below zero over the last few months, everyone wants to wrap up warm, but often this is at the cost of style and fashion. However, with a pretty pashmina, your partner can look chic, as well as feel cosy when they brave the outdoors. 


Cashmere jumpers

For the same reason, cashmere knitwear is a popular choice. The quality of cashmere wool makes jumpers and cardigans feel luxurious to wear – and who doesn’t want to make their other half feel truly luxurious?

From fitted v-neck jumpers to oversized cardigans, polo necks to balloon sleeves, there is a huge range of cashmere knitwear, so make sure you pick one your partner will love and suits their sense of style. Take a sneak peek at her wardrobe and see what they have already, so you know what they like and what is flattering. 


Eternity roses

While most people won’t turn their nose up at flowers, they don’t tend to last long, and some women don’t like the cheesiness of receiving a single red rose on Valentine’s Day. Eternity roses, on the other hand, are a different matter. 

These preserved flowers can last years, so your partner can enjoy looking at them far beyond February, which makes them well worth the investment. 


Chocolate-making kit

Make Valentine’s Day an excuse to do something fun together with a chocolate-making kit. Have a great time learning how to make truffles from scratch and, of course, enjoy eating the finished product. 

You could even create your own unique truffle using your favourite fillings and toppings, making them truly unique to just the two of you. 


Scratch off 100 dates poster

Make sure 2023 is the year you spend lots of time together by getting your partner a 100 dates scratch-off poster. It is too easy to get distracted by busy schedules and family life that you forget to go on dates with your other half, but this gift will encourage you both to make time for one another and keep the spark alive. 

Dates include going to a film festival, baking a cake, gin tasting, and seeing a musical, so you are sure to find lots of exciting things to do that you both enjoy.