Five Interesting Facts You Did Not Know About Cashmere!

Five Interesting Facts You Did Not Know About Cashmere!

Most people know cashmere is the softest type of wool, but there are many things you probably don’t know about the fabric. Read on to find out five of the most interesting facts about the material that has been keeping people warm – and fashionable – for years. 


Only from Kashmir

Once you find out cashmere wool is only found in Kashmir, it makes perfect sense, but the region between India, Pakistan and China is the only area in the world that can produce this glossy wool. 

It comes from a species of goat living in the Kashmir region, which have curly horns and long shaggy coats that keep them warm in the cold winters. The undercoat fibres are what makes cashmere wool. 


Four goats make one sweater

Only 100 grams of fibre is allowed to be removed from each goat every year, as the wool is so precious. Therefore, it takes on average four goats to make just one sweater. 

What’s more, it takes two to three goats to make just one cashmere scarf, which is why cashmere products are a lot more luxurious than other wool pieces.



Many people can’t wear woollen clothing as they are allergic to the fibres. However, cashmere is hypoallergenic, as it does not contain lanolin, unlike sheep wool. 

Therefore, it can be worn by people who are sensitive to other types of wool without causing irritation, such as itchiness, rashes or redness. This is why it is also a good choice for children and babies, as they have sensitive skin. 


8 times warmer than sheep wool 

People who really feel the cold during winter will want to get their hands on a cashmere pashmina or sweater, as they are known for being far more insulating than other types of wool. 

In fact, it is thought to be eight times better at retaining heat than ordinary wool, even though it is not bulky and extremely light. 

Of course, it is not surprising that cashmere is so warm, as its goats are able to withstand the coldest temperatures in the world with just its natural shaggy coat. It can fall to -40C in the mountainous region of Kashmir, so you can be sure it will keep you nice and toasty if it falls below freezing during the winter months. 

The amazing thing about cashmere is that as well as being a great insulator, it is also breathable. Therefore, it absorbs and releases water vapour depending on the humidity of the air. Even when the temperature begins to warm up, you won’t feel stuffy or sweaty when wearing cashmere, making it the perfect garment to take you from autumn to spring. 


Can last for years

Unlike typical clothes you buy from the high street, cashmere products don’t deteriorate from season to season. In fact, they can last ten years or more, thanks to their high quality. 

It is also thought the fibre gets softer the more it is worn and handwashed, so you can be confident it won’t pile or wear over the years. 

As cashmere jumpers, hats, scarves, and gloves are timeless, they are also not subject to fashion trends, so you’ll always look stylish when choosing to wear a cashmere product.