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Fashion Trends: The Poncho Comeback Set To Remain In 2023

Back in the early 2000s, we were all wearing low-rise skinny jeans, ballet pumps, wide belts, and long tunics over jeans – but these were not the only big fashion trends of the time. Ponchos were also hugely popular, and fans of the South American cover-up will be pleased to hear the trend is back and here to stay. 

The sleeveless poncho with just a hole for the head is a staple item of clothing in the Andes. However, it somehow managed to make its way over to mainstream fashion right back when Jennifer Lopez rebranded herself as JLo, with the singer/actress incidentally being a huge fan of the Peruvian garment. 

Last year, ponchos took pride of place in Gabriela Hearst’s Spring 2022 show and were also featured in Louis Vuitton’s collection. 

According to In Style, the return of the poncho is primarily due to its versatility, saying: “The poncho kind of checks all the boxes - a sweater, an outerwear option, a wearable blanket, which makes getting dressed extremely easy and stress-free.”

To bring pure cashmere ponchos into 2023, wear it over a sweater so you can stay warm as it doesn’t fully cover the arms. It is also stylish over a collared shirt and a pair of heeled ankle boots. 

As the poncho itself is oversized, it is a good idea to team it with a pair of skinny jeans or slim-fit trousers to balance out the volume on top. 

You could also wear it over a skirt or dress leaving legs bare or, for a very ‘70s-inspired look, with a pair of denim flares.

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