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Cashmere Trousers Are The Latest Fashion Trend

Cashmere has been the must-have fabric for years, with fashionistas all having a pure cashmere cardigan, shawl, pashmina or gloves in their wardrobe, so they can stay warm and look effortlessly stylish. 

However, there are more cashmere goodies for them to get their hands on, as cashmere trousers are becoming increasingly popular. 

In fact, supermodel Gigi Hadid has been spotted wearing a pair of oversized cashmere pants recently. 

The 28-year-old was photographed in NoHo, New York City, in a pair of black baggy cashmere trousers, which she teamed with a loose-fitting white shirt and a pair of black ballerina pumps to complete the monochrome look. 

A big fan of dressing for comfort, Hadid told “My goal in life is to look as chic or put together as possible while always being comfortable.”

She added: “I very rarely, even on red carpets, will wear things that I feel uncomfortable in throughout the event, because I just feel like I can’t be myself as much.”

The mum-of-one clearly thinks cashmere is the ultimate fabric for comfortable dressing then, as she is regularly seen wearing it. 

Other celebrities who are big fans of cashmere clothing include Cameron Diaz, Emma Watson, and the Princess of Wales

The Duchess of Cambridge is often captured wearing cashmere cardigans and sweaters in official photos.

One of the most recent occasions was during a photoshoot with her youngest son Prince Louis when he celebrated his fifth birthday earlier this year. 

She wore a blue and white striped cashmere jumper for the images, which were taken at their family home in Windsor. Kate had previously worn the sweater in May 2021 when visiting St Andrews with Prince William. 

It remains to be seen whether Kate will wear cashmere trousers, but she might be tempted to wrap up in warm clothing as the season begins to change.

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