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Cashmere And Tartan Combo Gets Royal Approval

As so many of our cashmere products are made in Scotland, some are bound to ask: can garments made from goats that live in the steppes and mountains of the Far East match well with the traditional garb of the Highlands and Islands?

If ever there was someone who could deliver an emphatic “yes” to that question, it is the Princess of Wales. Kate has always been a fashion icon, a woman whose wardrobe choices have invariably had any number of emulators. 

Her liking for cashmere has been highlighted many times, including by Global Fashion, which has just produced a video to remind us of the Kensington Palace Christmas Party of 2018, when she sported a Cashmere cardigan paired with a tartan skirt.  

Of course, many ladies wearing cashmere jumpers in London may not always opt to pair them up with a tartan skirt, but as the latter is rather more ubiquitous than the archetypal Caledonian kilt, it is a look that rocks and if it is good enough for Kate, it will be good enough for many royal fans. 

Had that appearance at a party four years ago been her only instance of juxtaposing cashmere and tartan, one might have thought little of it, but there have been many more instances. After all, her love of tartan has been well documented by fashion sites such as What Kate Wore (have a guess what their area of focus is). 

The same site has also highlighted many instances when she has worn cashmere jumpers, such as when she was at the recent England v Papua New Guinea Rugby League World Cup match. Naturally, this being an England game, it was no occasion to be wearing anything in Scottish tartan.

It is reasonable to expect, therefore, that the princess will provide many more sightings of a cashmere and tartan combo, perhaps even at an event before this year’s Christmas.

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