Can You Wear Cashmere Clothing On Summer Days?

Can You Wear Cashmere Clothing On Summer Days?

When summer arrives in a blaze of sunshine and glory, it is often the time to pack away your winter jumpers, dark-coloured jackets and big coats and bring out the summer whites and brights.

Some people wonder if cashmere clothing needs to be treated the same and locked away with care in a cedar chest or with mothballs, due to its softness and heat not necessarily translating to heatwave conditions.

Thankfully, that is not the case, and despite how warm cashmere is in winter, it is breathable, light and readily wearable in summer, at least for the most part.

Here are some reasons why and top tips to make the most of summer cashmere.

Breathability And Temperature Regulation

Unlike many tight artificial fibres and much like woollen materials, cashmere keeps you warm in winter via tiny air pockets within the fibres, which help to circulate heat.

However, cashmere does not affect your core temperature, so whilst a woolly jumper would make you sweaty and uncomfortable in summer, cashmere has exceptional scope for self-regulation and breathability.

This is why the same light cashmere cardigan will keep you from freezing on a winter night but is not too warm to wear during a summer heatwave.

Part of the reason for this comes out of necessity. Cashmere goats based in the Himalayas need considerable help to avoid freezing in sub-zero conditions, and the breathability of their fleece contributes to that.

When The Sun Goes Down

Typically during a British summer, there is a considerable gulf in temperature when the afternoon moves into the evening, and it can catch you by surprise if you are dressed exclusively for warmer climes.

This means that whenever you are in doubt about the weather or plan to be out all day, a light cashmere scarf can be an ideal accessory to protect your neck during the day and keep you warm at night.

Naturally, another point to consider is that you never can quite predict a British summer, as the weather often oscillates from record-high cloudless sunny days to outright thunderstorms and freezing winds all in the same day.

That Holiday Feeling

The summertime is when many people take a journey abroad to chase the sun, although in recent years that has not been all too necessary.

Regardless, one of the frustrating aspects of summer travel is dressing up for the warmer climate you are heading to, only to freeze in the airport terminal and on the plane in the wake of powerful air conditioning.

Cashmere is light but also keeps you warm and blocks out the aircon’s effects.

Soothing Feel For Sunburnt Skin

On particularly hot days or ones where you are caught out and have not put on strong enough SPF protection, you often either do not want to wear anything or want something soft and smooth that will not irritate the red and burnt skin.

Cashmere can be ideal here, particularly in comparison to wool, as its soft fibres glide over your skin and let it be without causing any further irritation.